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Detection of antigen by flow cytometry
Service and price

Number Project Period Price
Single color Two colors Three colors Four colors
SG5001 Service by device 2 days 50/sample* 50/sample* 70/sample* 90/sample*
SG5002 Staining of cell surface 2 days 20/sample* 30/sample* 40/sample* 40/sample*
SG5003 Staining inside the cell 3 days ¥40/sample* 50/sample* 60/sample* 60/sample*

Sample and requirement of assay

1) Provide cells with concentration of at least 1×106/(100ul)sample
2) For staining service, the client should prepare labelled antibody for the test. For general antibody, clients can choose to use the products in our company, the price is 30¥ for each antibody in the sample.
*sample number is determined by actual number used in the test, not by sample numbers of the client