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Philosophy for talents

Sungene Biotech is a fast growing high-tech enterprise dedicated to development and production of research antibodies and reagents, especially antibodies for flow cytometery, pathological antibodies and apoptosis detection kits; It also carries out distinct labeling service of fluorescent antibodies. It has capacity of large-scale production, and its production line is constantly growing, which can meet demand of rapidly growing domestic and foreign markets. SUNGENE also has a professional sales team, making company's products have good market share. Since its inception, it has gradually formed its own characteristic of corporate culture; working and humanity environment which is relaxing, harmonious and efficient; rigorous and flexible personnel management and logistical support system in the joint efforts of all staff. It provides competitive salaries and welfare system; In SUNGENE, all reflect people-oriented capital management. we are convinced that reasonable structure of talents is foundation stone for company sustained and stable development; SUNGENE earnestly welcomes professional talents to join, and dedicates to providing each one more and better resources and personal development.


  • Quantity:1
  • Place:Tianjin
  • Job description:
    (1) Responsible for protein labeling, & purification production.
    (2) Responsible for electronic record, experiment summary & record, and maintenance of related equipments in producing process
    (3) Have ability of independent thinking, independent problems solving ability
    (4) Other tasks assigned by direct superior

    Job Requirements:
    (1) Undergraduate or above in organic chemistry, drug synthesis and related majors
    (2) Be strict and careful in working, be responsible
    (3) Good working attitude, prefer to communicate with peopleSelect files no selection Apply online
  • Quantity:1
  • Place:Shanghai/Tianjin
  • Job description:
    1. Instructing research team to develop R&D strategy and research plan, ensure that company's technologies and products are keeping international advanced level, and leading level in domestic.
    2. Perform R&D strategy and implementation of R&D plans.
    3. Organizing staff to have training of technologies and skills.
    4. Intellectual Property Applying for IP Rights and publishing academy articles.
    5. Applying for public financial support for research projects.
    1. Ph.D. in immunity or related majors
    2. Over 5 years of R&D experience in immunity reagent and IVD reagent
    3. Over 3 years of managing experience of R&D team
    4. Have a profound understanding of immunity related products and industry, have modern business management ideas and good interpersonal communication and coordination skills, analytical problem-solving experience and ability.
    5. Health, and adapt to travel.
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