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Antibody Labeling Service
1. The client needs to provide labeled antibody or protein sample, and some related information:
a.Concentration(Volume, Molecular weight, Purity, and Name of storage solution) of antibody or protein.
b. The weight of antibody or protein, should be over 1mg, purity should not be less than 95%, storage solution should not contain stabilizers, like BSA, etc. If it exists preservatives,like NaN3, please indicate them clearly.
2. Please provides the final concentration of product and the requirements of storage solution.
3. Services: Labelling the provided samples purposely, purify them and separate the floating substance.
4. Instruction:
a. The blow are the prices of labelling IgG, for instance, if the molecular weight of protein is too small, the prices for some labelling will be increased, detailed informtion should be consulted further.
b. If it were labelled by dyes with "*" , and the labelling weight is over 3mg, the client can choose to add optimization assays, in order to make the fluorescence strength stronger, more stable, and more efficient.

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